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Genetic Expression Testing in the Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease 9.6.2013 Michael Martin, MD Southern Ohio Medical Ct.
New Developments in Cancer Vaccines 11.9.2012 Robert Wesolowski, MD The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Robotic Thoracic Surgery 11.2.2012 Patrick Ross,MD,PhD The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

An Ounce of Prevention Shaping Habits-NY June2012is Worth a Pound of Cure

10.26.2012 Dr. Robert Murray The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
From Mastectomy to Partial Breast Irradiation: The Evolution of Breast Cancer Care 10.19.2012 Johnny R. Bernard, MD SOMC
Pettit-Medicine in Third World Countries 10.12.2012 George Pettit, MD SOMC
Hospice 10.5.2012 Suzann Bonzo, MD SOMC
The Disease of Drug Addiction 9.28.2012 Ed Hughes, MS The Counseling Center
Sleep Medicine: Something Old and Something New 9.21.2012 Glenn Burris, MD SOMC
Minimally Invasive General Surgery 9.14.2012 Muriell Brohez, MD SOMC
Status of National Health Care Reform 4.15.12 Thomas Hess, Esq. Densomre & Shohl, LLP
Doctors: On the shoulders of giants 4.15.12 John Kasper, DO SOMC
Surgical & Non-Surgical Mtg of Back Pain 4.15.12 Randall James, DO Huntington, WV
Obesity & Diabetes: A Balancing Act 4.14.12 Jay Shubrook, DO OU-COM
Obesity: Problems & Solutions 4.14.12 Blain Nease, MD Cabell Huntington WV
Diabetic Foot Ulcers 4.14.12 Sonja Lichtenstein, MD National Healing Corporation
Imaging the Obese Patient 4.14.12 Jeffery Benesler, DO OU-COM
Management of A-Fib 2012 4.14.12 John Hummel, MD OSU
Osteoporosis 4.13.12 Rajesh Kataria, DO Portsmouth, OH
Ohio Opiate Epidemic 4.13.12 R. Aaron Adams, DO Scioto County Health Commisioner: Portsmouth, OH
Aortic Stenosis 1.20.12 Howard Kander, MD Riverside Methodist Hosptial
What's New in Poo 1.6.2012 Tim Cassity, Ph.D. SOMC
Update: Atrial Fibrillation 2010 12.10.2010 Esam Baryum, MD St. Mary's Hospital;  Huntington, WV
Gyn Oncology Update 10.15.2010 Eric Eisenhauer, MD OSU
Treatment of Pelvic Sarcomas 11.19.2010 Thomas Scharschmidt, MD OSU
Aquapheresis: New Technology for Fluid Removal 9.10..2010 Elie Saab, MD SOMC
Dizziness 6.4.2010 Jay Turkewitz, MD SOMC
Management of Atrial Fibrillation 2010 6.4.2010 John Hummel, MD OSU
New Guidelines: Mammograms, Pap Smears & HVP 6.4.2010 Darren C. Adams, DO SOMC
Fibromyalgia 6.4.2010 Rajesh Kataria, DO Southern Ohio Rehumatologist
Cardiac Monitoring & ADHD 5.28.2010 Kerry Rosen, MD Nationwide Children's Hospital
Management of Acute Stroke 5.14.2010 Jay Turkewitz, MD SOMC
Clinical Update on Diabetes 4.23.2010 Yancey Holmes, MD Maysville, KY
Heart to Heart: An AF Outcomes Initative 3.12.2010 James Maloney, MD  
2.19.2010 Michael Stefan, MD SOMC
What's New in Minimally Invasive Surgery 1.15.2010 Davod Renton, MD OSU
1.8.2010 Sonja Lichtenstein, MD SOMC Wound Center
10.24.2009 Bassel Shneker, MD OSU
Joint & Soft Tissue Injection Techniques 10.24.2009 Joseph Ruane, DO

Riverside Methodist Hospital

Columbus, OH

Genetics of Colorectal Cancer 10.24.2009 Steven Lee, MD Central Ohio Colon & Rectal Center - Columbus, OH
Gout: a New Treatment: Part 2      
Gout: A New Treatment after 40 Years 10.24.2009 Robert Hiltz, MD

Private Practice

Cincinnati, OH

Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Procedures 10.24.2009 Henry Childers, MD SOMC
Advanced Techinques in Coronary Revascularization 10.24.2009 Alain Asher, MD SOMC

Est. Cost of Training Future Surgical


10.232009 Thomas Williams, MD OSU
Evaluation of Syncope in 2009 10.232009 John Hummel, MD OSU
Update on Viral Hepatitus, A,B,C 10.23.2009 Robert Kirkpatrick, MD OSU
Vitamin D: Bone Health & Beyond 10.232009 Nelson Watts, MD University of Cincinnati
Breast Cancer Reconstruction 10.23.2009 Michael Stefan, MD SOMC
Breast Cancer: BRCA Therapy 10.23.2009 Li-Fen Chang, MD SOMC
Breast Cancer Update 10.23.2009 Vincent Scarpinato, MD SOMC
Direct Rennin Inhibition 10.232009 George Aronoff, MD

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY

What's New in Ventricular Assist Devices 10.23.2009 C. Sai Sudhakar, MD OSU
11.20.2009 Michael Donovan, MD Aureon Laboratories
Practical Neuroimmunology: An Update on MS Diagnosis & Treatment 10.9.2009 Aaron Boster, MD OSU
RACs & Medicare Appeal Process 10.2.2009 Thomas Hess, Esq.

Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP


Melanoma Treatment Update 9.18.2009 Kari Kendra, MD OSU
Genetics of Colorectal Cancer 5.18.2009 Bruce Kerner, MD Central Ohio Colon & Rectal Center
Benefits of Screening Colonoscopy 5.18.2009 Bruce Kerner, MD Central Ohio Colon & Rectal Center
Advances in Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Cancer 5.18.2009 Bruce Kerner, MD Central Ohio Colon & Rectal Center
BPD - Pathophysiology, Mtg. & Outcomes 5.8.2009 Alfred Gest, MD Nationwide Children's Hospital - Columbus
Risk & Tx of Extreme Obesity in Children 3.27.2009 Robert Murray, MD Nationwide Children's Hosptial
Check the Lipid Profile...Why on Children! 2.6.2009 Doug Teske, MD Natiowide Children's Hospital


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